Brickwork by S.Eta Grubešić



S.Eta Grubešić


I’ m thirsty “, says the ground.

” It’s still not time to drink ” , say the hours.

” I’m cold ” , says the ground.

” It’s still not time to cover oneself ” , says the sky.

” It’s dark ” , says the ground.

” It’s still not time for light ” , says the day.

Neither time changes nor do people.

It’s just a semblance.


We entered the room together. I was hungry.

” There’s no light here ” , I said.

” I have no bread ” , she said.

We fed on darkness.


Like a wound.

Hackberry in the back yard.

Surround by the stony boundary.

It heals but hurts.


New graffiti on the wall.

A battle cry.

Neither the first not the last.

Conscientious objection.


I raise my hand in greeting.

Easily, just like a bird landing on a branch.

Afterwards, I caress the dead tree.

Bio: S.Eta Grubešić , is an ex-journalist, short story writer, poet and photographer. Her works have been published in various books, literary e-journals and portals.